About Us

Flower Overload is an online flower shop and flower delivery.  We deliver flower bouquets and other flower arrangements within Metro Manila areas.

Our flower business came to fruition in January 2008 out of a light pep talk about wanting to acquire a new hobby and celebrating the forthcoming Valentine's day.  A friend then shared the fun they had back in college delivering flower bouquets every Valentine's day among their friends' girlfriends or crushes thus the idea of doing flower delivery as a hobby came up.  We just wanted to deliver flowers every Valentine's day only among friends and family since we also have fulltime jobs.  The 'hobby' continued until Valentine's day of 2010, word got around, and before we knew it, we were also getting clients from abroad especially from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

We did not even have a business name yet - we referred to our 'hobby' as online flower delivery.  We decided to go full time service on January 2011 upon the prodding of our loyal clients and named our little business "Flower Overload" on a whim and appointed the whole immediate family in our daily operations.

We have expanded our products and services and are now also delivering flowers (and small gifts) for sympathy, birthday parties, corporate engagements/inauguration and very recently we have started arranging flowers for Wedding Entourage.

In here, our clients have become our friends.  It's more than just a business, we help bridge relationship by being an effective channel.


Flower Overload

Your emotions.  Expressed.